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Football Fever Raffle Tickets

Are you ready for some football! We are super excited to be rolling out a new fundraiser this year. It's going to be fun, exciting and drive some great revenue for the program. We will be selling Football Fever Raffle Tickets for $20 each. Each ticket will cover 17 weeks (Week 2 - Week 18) of the NFL season. You simply scratch off to reveal your 3 teams for that week and if you have the highest combined point total you win! The top 3 winners will be paid out each week ($100, $75, $50). See below for more info.

How it works

  • Raffle prizes are based upon the combined total score of three teams. Under the scratch off area your ticket has 3 randomly selected football teams for each week of the contest season. If your 3 teams score the most points for that week you are a winner!

Ticket Example

  1. Arizona Cardinals:  14 points

  2. Los Angeles Rams:  21 points

  3. Pittsburg Steelers:  10 points

Total ticket weekly score = 45 points

* If 45 is the highest three team score, the ticket holder is that week's winner. Teams winning or loosing during the week does not make a difference.

Official Rules

  • Purchase of ticket from authorized charity member is necessary to be eligible for the Basha Baseball raffle prizes. The raffle is open to legal residents of the United States, 21 years or older. For the purpose of the raffle, the date represents the start of a week and ending the Monday night after each date.

  • 3 teams each week. Each card has 3 football teams weekly. Your 3 teams change each week. No other ticket has the same 3 teams on any given date. BYE WEEKS - When a team does not play or in case of cancellations or postponements, previous weeks score will count.

  • Entry & Eligibility: To enter, print legibly your name, address & telephone number, and email address on the ticket stub and return it to the player you purchased it from or a member of the Booster Club. To ensure an eligible ticket, you will receive an email confirmation verifying your ticket's entry.

  • Winners:  1st, 2nd & 3rd place highest scores win a prize each week. Winners will be paid by the Basha Homerun Club. In case of ties, prizes are combined and split. All results are final. In the unlikely event that any circumstances beyond our control make it impossible to determine winners as stated, we reserve the right to devise an alternative method to distribute prizes.

  • Tickets will be distributed to those that purchase via the player they purchased them from.


(Make sure to enter the players name on the order form)

Sample Raffle Ticket

Football Fever - Front of Ticket.jpg
Back of ticket.JPG
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