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Here are some of the ways you can help support the Basha Baseball program. 

2023 Football Fever Raffle Tickets

Are you ready for some football! We are super excited to be rolling out a new fundraiser this year. It's going to be fun, exciting and drive some great revenue for the program. We will be selling Football Fever Raffle Tickets for $20 each. Each ticket will cover 17 weeks  (Week 2 - Week 18) of the NFL season. You simply scratch off to reveal your 3 teams for that week and if you have the highest combined point total you win! The top 3 winners will be paid out each week ($100, $75, $50). A chance to win for 17 weeks and watch football....yes please!! 

Arizona Diamondback Tickets

If you're here reading this then it probably means you like baseball. This fundraiser is perfect for anyone who loves baseball or just enjoys going to games and taking in all the cool things Chase Field has to offer. We have teamed up with the Arizona Diamondbacks and will be selling ticket vouchers for the 2023 season. Each player will purchase 4 ticket vouchers for $100 that can be re-sold (for any amount), gifted to friends or family or even better re-used for yourself. All vouchers are redeemable for lower lever seats that exceed the $25 per ticket price. 

Not only does this make money for the program, but the best part is it also allows the Varsity team to play once a year at the Talking Stick Baseball Complex, home of the Arizona Diamondbacks and Colorado Rockies. That game is always against division and local rival Perry High School.

Fry's Community Rewards Program

If you shop at Fry's then this is an easy one. Simply link your Fry's VIP number to our organization and let Fry's do the rest. We will get a percentage back based on what you spend. Its a small percentage, but every little bit helps. Oh and it doesn't cost you a dime!

CUSD Tax Credit / Donation

This is another great opportunity to support the Bears. The Arizona tax laws allow each person or household to make a tax credit donation to a school organization. The best part is its 100% reimbursed back to you when you do your taxes. This means if you donate lets say the max $400, you will get that $400 back on your taxes. It will either be in the form of a refund or a credit towards what you owe. Either way its a huge help and win for yourself and especially the baseball program. All donations go directly to the team!

  • Max donations - $400 per couple / $200 per individual. 

  • 100% reimbursement!

  • Visit for more information and to make a donation.

Thanks for supporting the Basha Bears Baseball Program!

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